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Archived News

Click to read reportJune 27, 2011: Influence on Public Awareness - Unit 12 Director, Tim Neep is down in Caltrans District 11 this week to pay tribute to the fallen Caltrans worker. He will continue to bring attention and awareness on the Caltrans Workers Safety programs and the need to fix the ailing roads and infrastructure of the State of California. Over the past 20 years, the IUOE California State Unit 12 has influenced a number of programs that help heighten public awareness on Caltrans Worker Safety Programs. According to the Federal Highway Administration, in 2008 alone, there were 720 work zone fatalities nationally. In addition, there have been over 40,000 injuries in work zones. Find out what actions the Operating Engineers have taken during this time period. Download actions list now.

Caltrans MemorialMay 9, 2011: Caltrans Memorial gallery - Working the California roads is dangerous work. Caltrans has lost a total of 175 employees and these tragedies are in large part because drivers just aren't paying attention and are driving too fast. So slow down for the Cone Zone and help Caltrans keep our roads safe for all to enjoy. Take a look at the photo gallery from the Oakland and Sacramento Workers Memorial held on Tuesday, April 26 and Thursday, April 28, 2011.

CalPersMarch 8, 2011 - Get the facts and make up your own mind about CalPERS and Public Pensions. Click here to read the "Top Five Facts You Should Know About CalPERS and Public Pensions." CalPERS recognizes that pensions and pension costs are a source of fiscal concern for the State and local government budgets. In the debate and discussion over pensions, it’s important to make decisions based on facts. Don't be fooled. Get the facts now.


click to enlargeDec. 7, 2010IUOE State Unit 12 would like to congratulate the following Unit 12 members who received a Medal of Valor awarded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pablo Diaz, Leonardo Antonio Necochea Sr., Tommy A Neri and Pedro Vasquez of El Centro Caltrans all received a Gold medal for removing an unconscious woman from her vehicle after her accident caused a brush fire. Arthur R Grijalva of Caltrans, received a Silver medal.  Click on photo to enlarge.